Sunday, April 27, 2008

Kathy's Project

This was just too gorgeous not to blog about! This little knitted sweater is not mine, but Kathy's (a.k.a. Spinlady on Ravelry).

The pattern is called "Tulips" by Lindsay Pekny, a 'colorful cardigan for baby', and can be viewed on ... wow! What a lot of nice patterns there!!!!

Left front:Back:

Chez Marie: Thursday Nights

This is where I am Thursday nights. With my knitting buddies. Pure bliss and complete ROI.

From left to right we have: Jane, Mary Beth, Linda, Patty, Kathy (hidden), Maggie our mentor in center, then Janet, Mary Ann, Linda (another Linda), Denise, and Marie's hands...

Of course Patsy (not shown) is busy making wonderful delights for us to drink and eat.

Pink Plastic Bag Tote

Ahhh... pink. The new black.

What woman can resist pink? (One who does not like pink, but those women are truly rare and wonderful, if not a little color blind!)

Here is my PINK plastic bag tote! The pink plastic bags are from National Wholesale Liquidators. And the brown bags on the base are from Publix in Miami, and the brown bags which are almost the exact same color, attaching the store bought handles, are from Krogers in Garland, TX.

Easter Saturday. The start... I was able to go to NWL and buy pillows and Easter Lilies and get lots of bags!!!!

The handles from AC Moore Paramus:

And the piece complete:

I just LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!

See my first one:

My new work digs

I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge some of the stress in the past few weeks has been because of relocating from Manhattan to NJ in my job. Yes, the views were pretty spectacular in NYC, but the commute is so much better in NJ!!!

Here is my new desk:

And here is the view when I leave the building:

Nice, huh?

Elizabeth's Baby Blanket

Here is the blanket I made for baby Elizabeth, Clarena and Greg's little girl. She is now 15 months old, and in this country since April 2008. I'm so happy for them!

to see how adorable the new family is!

scroll to April 21 to see the blanket in Eli's crib:

And here is the afghan finished on a Sunday at Robert's cafe in Bayonne, with my knitting buddy, Marie. Amazing how the colors match her sneakers perfectly!

I'm back!

Wow -- I've been away so long. Where to start. First, my keyboard died on me. I thought it was my mac. Or was that what happened first. My whole world changed and went upside down on March 12, when my ex-husband was attacked. You take someone for granted, and God shows you just how much you need them. We were so lucky. I pray that the gang of kids find real meaning in their lives, and that the attacks on innocent bystanders stop happening.

Easter Lilies. A sign of hope. And renewal. And most importantly, rebirth.