Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pink Plastic Bag Tote

Ahhh... pink. The new black.

What woman can resist pink? (One who does not like pink, but those women are truly rare and wonderful, if not a little color blind!)

Here is my PINK plastic bag tote! The pink plastic bags are from National Wholesale Liquidators. And the brown bags on the base are from Publix in Miami, and the brown bags which are almost the exact same color, attaching the store bought handles, are from Krogers in Garland, TX.

Easter Saturday. The start... I was able to go to NWL and buy pillows and Easter Lilies and get lots of bags!!!!

The handles from AC Moore Paramus:

And the piece complete:

I just LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!

See my first one:


Brandy said...

This is the best plastic bag tote I have seen! You did a great job on this!!! I'm so jealous!

Denese said...

This is beautiful! No pink bags around here, though. :(

Snowcatcher said...

I like this one, too. I rarely find anything but white and tan; can't afford to shop every day at a bike shop that has beautiful red bags!!!