Saturday, April 21, 2007

Dorothy's Granny Squares

These aren't mine, but I couldn't resist showing you how beautiful these granny squares are that Dorothy is making. I met her at the Prayer Shawl knitting today, and they are just gorgeous.

Monyca had said this morning that she wanted to learn how to crochet so she could make a granny square baby afghan. Well, check this one out!!! All from one basic square...


Now, I know this doesn't belong in a knitting blog, but it's cute.

Maggie, Babara, Lois and I were leaving the church this morning and I was going to give them all a ride. We crossed the street and I noticed something green by my passenger side rear tire. As I got closer, I saw it was a tiny stuffed animal, leaning up against my car, almost like a dog using it, but not. We all got a good laugh over how cute he is, and why someone might have left him there.

Sombeody CLEARLY placed him. He is a little dirty and run over, but I will wash him Sunday afternoon when I'm done using the car. For now he is hanging out watching me drive...

Benjamin's blanket

I'm done!!!

I finished the baby blanket for Tom's baby, Benjamin. And, I tied in all the loose ends, immediately after finishing the last row. It's not so hard to tie them all in when you can't wait to see what it looks like finished!

Today was a great crocheting day! First off, St. Matthews church with my buddies Maggie and Monyca: 10:00-1:00 pm. Then off to Trinity Church for Jane's prayer shawl knitting: 1:00-3:00 pm. And when I got home, my son had already bought something to eat, so I was able to crochet from about 4:00 till 6:00 pm uninterrupted, then spent another half hour tieing in the ends, and then photographing it. And of course, someone, well, someones, tried to sneak into the picture. A loud, "Scram" and they both did run.

Can't wait to ship it. But I'll have to wait till after Thursday night so I can show it to the ladies I knit with at Chez Marie. On to the next project...

Monday, April 16, 2007

Kindem's Blanket

It's tax time, and I need to finish my NJ taxes. And I'm crocheting. But I also did jury duty today. And I called ahead and found out they wouldn't allow plastic or wooden knitting needles in to the Court House (no sharp objects), and I didn't want to chance it with my circular needles. So I'm comforting myself by doing something I really enjoy, after a long day of uncertainty.

So I started something new, but not really. Technically I can call it a WIP (work in progress), because even though it was only six rows of double crochet (Homespun Roccoco) and a quarter row of white, it still was started. And started I don't know how many years ago, but less than six.

And this one is for Tom's baby boy. All he told me is the room is off white. No hint about any other color whatsoever. I've added some brown mohair as an accent row (Patons Divine, Deep Earth - hope it washes well!), and I'm using a dark dye lot of Denim, and am going to do the middle in Blue Sky. Here are some photographs of the progress. Note how each new row takes on a world of difference in terms of color.

(My computer is still having computer work arounds, and I can't connect the photos to download and use the mouse at the same time.)

And after I switched to the Roccoco again, I looked at all the photos I took today, and behold! Looks like this is what gave me my inspiration! But I picked these colors out last night. Perhaps the yarn inspired my photography...

One more row (or two) and I will get to the NJ taxes. Blog first.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Debbie Bliss sweater

I started this project two years ago, and put it aside. I picked it up again after finishing Liz' hat. Liz' hat was the only thing I did in March, and I felt bad about that, particularly as I'd made some decent progress in January. Do you realize just exactly HOW difficult it is to pick a pattern up after two years? That should teach me not to put something aside again.

Well, I tried every week at knitting to study the pattern to figure out what row I was on. Then I put it away. The next week I would try again, then I put it away.

And I fretted about my New Year's Resolution, and I craved buying more Homespun. But I only have a limited supply, and what if I need a particular color later this year? So many babies, so little yarn! One morning I actually woke up thinking about different colors of yarn. I told my boyfriend. He was thinking about different colors of paint...

Finally after about two to three weeks of not getting anywhere, the knitter's block lifted. Here is a picture of the thing started. I'm up to the point where I have to start working the neck on the right front, and the sleeves will be all that's left after the collar.