Monday, April 16, 2007

Kindem's Blanket

It's tax time, and I need to finish my NJ taxes. And I'm crocheting. But I also did jury duty today. And I called ahead and found out they wouldn't allow plastic or wooden knitting needles in to the Court House (no sharp objects), and I didn't want to chance it with my circular needles. So I'm comforting myself by doing something I really enjoy, after a long day of uncertainty.

So I started something new, but not really. Technically I can call it a WIP (work in progress), because even though it was only six rows of double crochet (Homespun Roccoco) and a quarter row of white, it still was started. And started I don't know how many years ago, but less than six.

And this one is for Tom's baby boy. All he told me is the room is off white. No hint about any other color whatsoever. I've added some brown mohair as an accent row (Patons Divine, Deep Earth - hope it washes well!), and I'm using a dark dye lot of Denim, and am going to do the middle in Blue Sky. Here are some photographs of the progress. Note how each new row takes on a world of difference in terms of color.

(My computer is still having computer work arounds, and I can't connect the photos to download and use the mouse at the same time.)

And after I switched to the Roccoco again, I looked at all the photos I took today, and behold! Looks like this is what gave me my inspiration! But I picked these colors out last night. Perhaps the yarn inspired my photography...

One more row (or two) and I will get to the NJ taxes. Blog first.

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