Tuesday, June 19, 2007

RagShop is closing... woe is me

My beloved RagShop is closing their doors, going out of business. My son rejoiced and said he never thought he'd see the day! Here is their announcement:

I dragged him off to our local store last night. The yarn was 20% off (for now), and what's left of it will probably be gone before the discount goes higher. There was some perfectly lovely blue yarn for only $1.99, which would have had an additional 20% off of that, if only I could buy it! I almost, almost, almost had my son ready to buy me some for my birthday in September, when I realized it was too much like 2006, when I gave him money to buy yarn early in the year and thereby broke my resolution. I haven't come as far as JUNE to break it now! So, the confessed yarn-a-holic walked away with some large size crochet hooks and buttons for baby sweaters...

Oh, to join my colleagues in a massive buying binge.


*monyca* said...

If it makes you feel any better, I didn't buy any either. Because I doubled our national debt a few weeks ago.

*monyca* said...

I went. I bought maybe half a dozen Sugar & Creams. I think they came to $1.40 each. I just shredded the receipt. Then I got this week's A C Moore ad, and they're selling them for $1.10 each I think. So, whatever, you're not missing much.

I did buy my mother 2 hummingbird feeders though. Pretty glass ones. I was only going to buy 1, but I couldn't decide on the color, and then it rang up at $5-something, and I figured I might as well get her both.

When will I see you again?