Sunday, February 03, 2008

Knit-a-Bit: Superbowl Weekend Sale!

Saturday, Feb 2, 2008

I'd never been to Knit-a-Bit before, and understandably when I walked into their showroom in Westfield, NJ, I was just a wee bit overwhelmed with the assortment of yarn, needles, buttons, kits, etc. (flowing into three rooms), and books in a fourth room. We were on a knitting field trip with Maggie, hitting the big two day sale.

I came only to buy needles...

But then I saw the bag. And after having shown off my incomplete plastic-bag bag to Pam and Pam, I decided I had to have a Knit-a-Bit bag. To show off my yarn, of course! But which size?

Decisions, decisions. Pam suggested I get BOTH! After all, they were on sale, as was almost everything in the store.

And it just went on from there. I was too pulled in by all that gorgeous yarn on sale (prices ranging from 20 - 50% off marked price) that I went a little Superbowl crazy. Mary Ann did her level best to be my financial conscience, but it was to no avail. And I wound up coming home with the following yummy yarns and colors:

Lang Mille Colori #88 and 06

. . .

Rowan Cocoon #805, 803 and 804

. . .

Boise #67 Wedgewood Blue and #64 Rose
(the colors on these two are way off ... oh well)

And I did get the set of Addi Turbo needles I came in for, and a book, "Knitting from the Top Down for Toddlers", a button, and cool handles for my plastic bag. But I beat Maggie and Marybeth's totals.

Didn't I realize I needed to pay my oil company!?!?!?

Ah, but look at how nice it looks in my two new bags, with newly purchased wool in the smaller package, and baby Michael's completed Homespun afghan in the larger package!

Who says only sports enthusiasts can have fun on Superbowl Weekend!

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Mary said...

Your photos are outstanding. I thought mine were better after following your suggestions; but you are still the master. (Your knitting is pretty awesome too!)