Sunday, March 02, 2008

Red Grey White Baby Blanket

Toni at church announced in February that she was a new grandmother. She is much too young looking and in shape to be a grandmother (but then so is Arlene)! I told her I could make her a baby blanket for her granddaughter, and brought in the pink white grey one to show her, and some other colors. She loved the pink, but said the accessories were in red. So I recreated the blanket substituting Lion Brand's Covered Bridge Red for the Boston Rose. I love it!

I gave her the blanket today, March 2, 2008.

It has only one small deviation in symmetry...
(but only a mathematical mind overly considered with order will likely catch it)
. . .

For directions, see Pink White Grey blanket, one post below

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trailbee said...

What a wonderful blanket. I'm just finishing up an off-white one in Simply Soft, for my daughter's sister-in-law, and shall begin again for my daughter, who is due 4.14!
Kristen, did you by any chance leave me an email? When I opened MSOutlook last night, I thought I clicked on a message, and it disappeared! So, if you still have a copy in your Sent file, would you be able to resend it? Thanks. Biene V.