Friday, May 30, 2008

The Genesis of Knitting

The Gospel According to Barb

... and on the eighth day, the Lord saw Eve sitting under the Tree
of Good and Evil, and saw that she was twiddling her thumbs, and it was not good.

God said, "Eve, idle hands are the devil's workshop."

So he brought her a lamb and showed her how to spin its fleece, and behold! She had yarn, and it was good.

Then he pulled two slender branches from the tree (size 8) and showed her how to twist the yarn onto the twigs, and it was good.

And Eve began to knit, and the Lord showed her how to purl, and to increase, and decrease, and bind off, and it was good.

And the Lord showed Adam how to go out and hunt, and that was good.

And the Lord said to Eve, "Behold, sometimes you can have too little
yarn, but you can never have too much!

And Eve said, "Thank you, Lord!"

... and the rest is history.

© 2008 by Barb Ulfsparre

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Anonymous said...

This is a very nice tribute to your mom...she looks like a peachy person. Cheers,
Claudia (from Knitters Untie)