Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Etsy membership

So, I've discovered this new website, which has been around for a few years, but I was never really on it: www.etsy.com

And I start looking around, and I find these simply exquisite stitch markers from a friend's daughter, who had been caught up with us in the Rav Rapture. And they're so reasonably priced, that I just had to buy them. And in order to buy them, I had to join Etsy. So, I join Etsy, which bills itself as a "place to buy & sell all things handmade", and within an hour of joining I'd bought from not just one, but two different sellers! Now I know I didn't buy from that other place. And I'd been there for well over a year. Hmm. So, hmm. It was word of mouth that led me to buy, not any advertising...

This is what I got (along with her permission to use the photos):

7 Piece stitch marker set © rlguerri.etsy.com

Vinyl Keychain Envelope © rlguerri.etsy.com

And I'm not one to buy or even use stitch markers, but since 3-14-2009, I have been converted. I used to use just contrasting pieces of yarn, and even twist ties, but these are just so gorgeous! And to top it all off, I ordered on a Saturday, they shipped on Monday, and I received them Wednesday! The packaging was worth even more than the total order. The seller, rlguerri, aka Deer Creek Artisans, had packaged them in her own unique, origami container, which I was showing off to co-workers and knitting circles, along with the stitch markers and envelope I store them in, for at least a week.

I am so thrilled with my purchase! I also ordered these (below) from another very creative, reasonably priced seller, and her link is here, jeanettejed.etsy.com.

Sodalite Medium Loop Snag Free Stitch Markers Set of 8
© jeannettejed.etsy.com

I can't wait to use these. When I get a little more money put aside, I want to go back and buy some more from both sellers!

And maybe I'll even try the hand spun / hand dyed yarn! Oh, I would so love to buy this yarn!!! Landscapes Lace Mermaid Merino - 880 yards for $35!!!

Landscapes Lace Mermaid Merino Yarn © rlguerri.etsy.com

Does anyone know of a good pattern to use for this? And how much yardage I would need?


Chrisknits said...

Deer Creek Artisans are going to dye one of the Landscapes skeins for me in Autumn colors. I can't want to get it! I will likely use a lace triangle pattern for mine, even though the color bands will not be equal in size.

I have to get to Jed's Joy page to order some her markers too! And I also bought yarn from Enchanted Hues this week. I need to stop! I have Stitches South in less than a month. But it's more fun to shop with "friends".

Suzanne B said...

I love those Stitch Markers. I'm going to have to check out her shop.