Friday, May 22, 2009

Backdating posts

Needles to say (spelling intended), for various related reasons, January, February and March were stressful. So here over Memorial Day Weekend, I am back posting everything that got put on hold...

Sadly, the posts for May 2009 were drafted three years ago, and tonight, 10:01 pm est Nov 18, 2012, I am guessing at what day I drafted them up, and publishing them.  The yellow bag didn't make it.  It got much taller and cool looking, then started resembling the foot of an elephant.  It met an untimely death by kitty pee.  The blue tote I use all the time for church!  Perfect size for the bible Kara gave me, with my name gold imprinted on the cover, and a small notebook.  The Feline Pine bag needs the right handles, and is still not complete.  And it's rather scratchy.

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