Sunday, April 28, 2013

Plarnin' Around

Decided I want to get rid of some unsightly unspun plarn (plastic bags) so I have been working on crocheting plarn the past few weekends. I've got some nice, thick white bags from work that I'm making into a nice sized tote. And I've got a bunch of WalMart bags (who doesn't?) and I'm tired of them taking up space in my house. Well, not the WalMart bags. I had folded them lengthwise and cut off the handles, and squeezed the air out of them. They're quite compact. It's the other miscellaneous bags in the walk in closet that are the problem. I definitely don't want to throw the brown ones out. They make a lovely base for the other colors. Plus, people stood in line at the Post Office to send them to me. That would be an awful waste. It's the other bags. They just remind me of unstarted projects. So I gathered all the brown ones together and shoved as many would fit in that bag holder Emma had made and given to me. First had to chuck all the bags I had in it, including the Wonder Bread bag ends with the colored dots. I know I won't get them anymore, but they really were pretty crappy. Started the WalMart bag tote last weekend. Used the black bags Dorothy had given me for the bottom of the tote, and they really were nice to work with. Thanks, Dot! Then, decided I wanted to use some gray, pink and white before I start in with the ever so flimsy WalMart bags, and now I have a Fair Isle effect going on. Not nearly so attractive as it sounds, but I'll keep going with it till I really hate it. Some bags work up stiff, and others have more drape. All depends on the thickness.

So, here are the two, in progress:

The Feline Pine bag, top, is a real pain to work. I have to cut the bag to about 3/8" and then sort of fold it in half to allow the color to show. The WalMart bag on the bottom is much easier, but the flimsier bags don't hold their shape. Ah, well.


Becky G said...

The Feline Pine is making a really pretty tote, even though it's a pain to work with.

Kristen said...

Thanks! I didn't realize people actually read my blog! Nice to see you here.