Sunday, March 25, 2007

Liz' Hat / Alyssa's Yarn

Here it is March 25, 2007.

My whole goal of using up all the yarn in my house this year before I buy more yarn is being turned upside down. First, the practicalness of it. I got off to a good start in January, with some bulky yarns quickly working up into scarves, etc. And not so bad in February, by seaming together some projects I'd done months earlier ... pumping the numbers. But March has really disappointed me, yarnwise, as it took me a whole two weeks to make one hat. And then another two weeks to photograph said hat. (A few minutes of writing and editing to get it on the web.)

Granted, March has been a thought provoking month. My little Mac mini just up and died on me one Sunday night. I took it to a well-known mac repair shop, and though they tried, they pronounced it dead, with a price tag of $600 for data recovery. Data would have to be transferred to a new external hard drive, starting at $109. Needless to say they were pretty surprised that I chose not to go that $600 + 109 route. (The computer only cost $700!!!!) But it did have my photos, and my personal stuff on it, and just like most of you, I hadn't completely backed that up.

But thank God, Disk Warrior, Newer Technology, Apple's disk utility software, and a lot of perserverance, for $240 I somehow managed to fix it myself, or rather, without the repair shop. I certainly didn't do it on my own.

And then of course, there's Jamie. My sweet 24 year old nephew. Who was in a car accident 10 days ago. Hydroplaned on a wet road in the wee hours of the morning, lost control, and hit a tree. Actually, the tree took a nice tour of his SUV. Entered from one side, moved the engine, into the driver's seat, and then decided to plant itself in the back seat. Miracle one: he ended up on the passenger seat. Miracle two: His earth angel girlfriend, by chance, was following behind and saw it all happen. Miracle three: twelve broken ribs, a punctured spleen, a punctured lung, refusal for routine epidural, and seven days later he's well enough to go home (that includes three days in ICU). You do the math.

So what's a little yarn worth compared to a miracle?

But here's the hat, with a close up and a cameo from one of the cats.

Yarn compliments of Alyssa. Pattern compliments of Sande. Recipient Liz. Thank you everyone!

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