Sunday, January 21, 2007

2007: New Year's Resolution

It's a new year! And a perfect time to renew old New Year's resolutions! My knitting friends aren't really sure I can do this, but this year my New Year's resolution is:

"I will not buy any more yarn until I use up the yarn in my house."

Here are my conditions:

1) The yarn in the drawer of my platform bed does not count, as it has been there for six years or more, and therefore does not qualify as a recent purchase (i.e., purchase in the last two or three years).

2) If I still have unused yarn in my collection by Jan 1, 2008, I can either renew the resolution or choose not to.

3) Ends of skeins (partial skein and too small for even the "One Skein M.A." projects do not count.) I'll do my best to work these into other projects, though.

4) The yarn given to me at Maggie's knitting party (for CancerCare hats) does not count as a purchase, even though I paid $5 to attend.

I know. Some of you are laughing. You know I tried this last year without much success. It got to the point where I was going into the Ragshop with my son, choosing a color or two from the Simply Soft Brites collection, and handing him the money to buy it. How bad is that?!?! I didn't even make it to Easter. So, what makes me think I can do this in 2007? My 16 year old son, Chris, gave up McDonald's and Burger King for 2006, and made it through the whole year. (We did eat a lot of Wendy's, but that's OK.)

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