Monday, January 29, 2007

Saturday's Scarf

I started another scarf Saturday late afternoon, around 5:00 pm. I was using something I'd picked up in Baltimore Dec 24, 2006 (last year) at a certain store that should remain nameless. I grabbed some pink size 17 needles, and was getting quite far when I had to stop to head to an art opening, so I brought the project along.

To my surprise, I met another knitter there as I sat knitting: Emma. Emma has only been knitting since October, and was taught at school. She is also nine years old. We got to talking, and since I had an emergency project in my coat pocket, I was able to let her knit some of my scarf while I reworked one of the CancerCare hats. It's probably the first time I've collaborated on a project, ever. And to her credit, I can't tell the difference between my knitting and hers, and I've been knitting for decades!

Needless to say, her father wanted her to come see the performance that was starting, and my boyfriend wanted me to see it as well. So we packed up our needles. But she's a great knitter and I hope her teacher shows her how to purl! (I refrained from showing her my way, which causes me to knit the purled rows out of the back loop.)

Here is a picture of the scarf at midnight, and one also of it completed... I finished it Sunday, within 24 hours.

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