Thursday, January 25, 2007

Finishing Stuff: the Red Scarf

Well, I started my red scarf on Tuesday night. After ripping it out about four times, I was finally happy with 14 stitches on size 17 needles, Lion Brand's "Jiffy" or "Jiffy Thick and Quick" black and red combo. It may be a discontinued color or a different brand, I don't know. But I felt like I was cheating working with such a bulky yarn!!! And I got to 59" on the bus home the next day, Wednesday, less than 24 hours from the time I started it. It was a real let down.

So, tonight I picked it up again, having gotten home too late to get to my Thursday night knitting. And you know I live for my Thursday night knitting. And my 2nd and 4th Saturday knitting, and my first Saturday of the month Prayer Shawl knitting, and my Wednesday Knitting 101. I wrapped the thing around my neck, and I like to wrap twice, and it was too short to do so comfortably. So, I'm extending it past the 60", one, because that's the way I like my scarves, and two, it will use up my stash! I was so THRILLED to be able to dip into my existing yarn for this project.

And the next morning after I started it, I actually began to hope. Hope that I might actually be able to complete my New Year's Resolution and use up all the yarn in my house! I do so many Homespun afghans, and they are beautiful and fun and rewarding, and the parents that get them so enjoy them, as do the babies. But I find myself not doing anything else. So this year-long project (or sooner if I'm quick) is getting me out of my routine and giving me more of an opportunity to devise ways and projects for the other yarns in my house. I already have transported 90% of the yarn in my upstairs closet to my downstairs walk-in closet, and there is now plenty of room for my vacuum and toilet paper.

Oh, here is a knot. One of those manufacturer's knots that they must think, "Oh, the buyer won't notice," when you know darn well that we're very careful about our knots. My clue that maybe it is time to stop. About 64" unstretched, over 70" stretched.

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