Sunday, January 21, 2007

Recognizing the obsession

You see, I am a yarn junkie. I am a frequenter of AC Moore's "Moonlight Madness" sales (25% off all non-sale merchandise), and my friend, Jackie, conveniently lets me know when the next ones take place. I went to one in September, spent $105 on Homespun, and while taking her home, was pulled over for doing 44 in a 25 mph zone. The ticket was also $105. Well, anyways, I still went back for more in October, November and I don't remember if we shopped in December.

I fill the cart with Homespun. I buy in units of four. I crochet baby afghans with it, and have made hundreds in the past few years for people I work with, their spouse, and alum. I will post a few pictures of some of the more interesting ones. I love working on them while I commute, and they are what Meg Rapp used to refer to as "idiot work". The stuff that doesn't tax your mind. I gave up driving to my local parking lot, and went back to taking the bus to the PATH train, in order to get an hour of knitting/crocheting in in the morning, and an hour at night. Clearly, it was not a good idea to try to knit while driving, though I was able to get a few stitches in at stop lights.

Homespun is just so beautiful and I really should have bought stock in Lion Brand. The colors are just so great, and everyone seems so amazed with how soft and warm and cuddly the blankets are!

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Beth0708 said...


I love your blog. Keep it up. Everyone needs to see your beautiful photos too.