Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The One that Sold...

December 8, 2007

The GCVV Arts & Crafts Bazaar. I had four crocheted baby afghans/lap blankets, one in the making, and almost ten crocheted scarves. Of course I also had my photographs, printed as greeting cards, but that's another blog.

Here is the afghan that sold. I was inspired by Donna's morning glories across the street. They were a deep purple, against a tan wooden fence:

Notice the light that emanates from the center of the morning glory. To the naked eye, it's not really seen. To the camera, you can't help but see it!

I had just completed William's "jungle" afghan and shipped that in late September or early October. I really liked the way the Homespun Baroque my niece gave me last Christmas (2006) was blending with other colors, and I wanted to use it again. So I combined it with Olive (green), Grape (purple), Fawn, and below is the completed afghan. It by far is one of my favorites, but then I have a lot of favorites.

Through the beauty of technology, I am back-posting in 2008 to dates referenced in these events...

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