Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tiffany's Prayer Shawl

I started this prayer shawl for Tiffany over the summer, working on it on the bus and at Thursday night knitting. I was thrilled to finally finish it this past Wednesday! But I shipped it off before I could write down all the details.

I do know it's 20 inches wide, and at least 64 inches long. Tiffany is very tall, and I tried it out on a woman at church over the summer. I've been told that shawls should be as long as the wrist to wrist measurement per person, so I made it long. And then I added fringe.

At first I didn't like the fringe, and so I left it alone for four months or so. And since January is the month to finish projects started long ago, I brought it back in to church last week. And my tall model was not in. But then Jana came to my rescue, modeled it, and declared the original fringe much better than the traditional fringe I was experimenting with.

Basically, this is how I made it:

I chained enough to make it 20 inches wide, then came back with a double crochet, chain one, skip a loop, repeat. The next one I might do lengthwise, so the edges aren't scallopy. But it still looks nice. For the fringe, I chained 42 and then came back and tacked with a single crochet, then chained another 42, etc. Why? I wanted Tiff to be able to wash it, and I was afraid traditional fringe would fray horribly.

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Lil said...

Just came across your beautiful Tiffany prayer shawl. Love it, especially the scallopy edge and the creative fringe! Keep up the great work!